The WISP: The next generation in golf etiquette

Sand on the putting surface has hindered golf for decades – and until the WISP, players lacked a clear solution to this common problem. But now, the Wisp allows everyday players to leave the green in better condition for those who follow, by eliminating sand from the putting surface with one simple, universal tool.

“Join our efforts in establishing the
next generation in golf course etiquette”

The golf course WISP is:

  • An inspiration for overall course etiquette
  • Uniquely designed to sift sand into the putting surface
  • Efficient, effective and integral to course playability and aesthetics
  • A support to player courtesy that allow golfers to leave the green in the same condition as it was found
  • A one-of-a-kind solution to sand on the putting green
  • Durable, affordable and easy to use
  • Ideally suited for placement near greenside bunkers
Listen to Wisp creator, Eben Dobson, on Tee It Up Radio

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